Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving #19

Amidst it all, I'm thankful for the quotidian.

Oliver works on his boat for the raingutter regatta with the Cub Scouts. Unlike some of the other scouts (ahem), he does it all himself, and it shows.

Henry writes his Christmas list. He looked up and said You know, I don't believe in Santa Claus.

Sophie, enduring

 Biscuits for dinner with tomato soup

Leftover Halloween filling the turkey basket


  1. Darling- Tonight I am grateful for this peek into your life. Amen.

  2. Sophie, Enduring.

    A great title for a book.

  3. Snapshots of daily life .... Moments, right? The thankfulness weaves through it all. Thank you for sharing.

  4. sophie, enduring just took my breath away.

  5. I don't believe in Santa Claus either but he always brings me something!!

    "Sophie, Enduring"--I agree it's a great title for a book.


  6. I was looking at this post after dinner tonight and Oscar appeared at my shoulder just as I scrolled down to the picture of Sophie. He didn't see "Sophie, enduring" just her face and was mesmerized. "Who's that?" he wanted to know, a smile on his lips. "The daughter of a friend of mine". "Oh, do I know her?" smile growing bigger. "No, why, do you think she's pretty?" He turned red then, and got really embarrassed and started trying to hide the smile. "Yeah, so!?? Don't tell DAD!!" And then he chased me through the house in fits of giggles to make sure I wasn't sneaking off to tell "Dad".

    They're all beautiful Elizabeth! And you, and your table and your words!

  7. oh to be in that circle of love in your home , waiting on the soup.

    you are all so loved

  8. i had to look up "quotidian." i love what henry said. i agree with mary's son...

  9. Jacob just informed me that he doesn't believe in Santa. "Because he's not real. You are Santa. Right?" LOL

    Love the glimpse into your life. Sophie, Enduring ... beautiful!

  10. The table is beautiful! Sophie and the gang even more so!

  11. I'm afraid that in the past, we've been the "ahem" family, but this year, Jude did some of the sanding, much of the glueing and most of the painting. Missed you at the Regatta.

    Henry is ALREADY writing his Christmas list? That boy is prepared! Jude writes his about 4 days before Christmas, then I freak out trying to get all the surprises he pulls!

    Sophie always just takes my breath away.



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