Monday, November 15, 2010

A Virtual Baby Shower for Maggie

Baby Face

WHITE MOON comes in on a baby face.
The shafts across her bed are flimmering.

Out on the land White Moon shines,
Shines and glimmers against gnarled shadows,
All silver to slow twisted shadows
Falling across the long road that runs from the house.

Keep a little of your beauty
And some of your flimmering silver
For her by the window to-night
Where you come in, White Moon.

-- Carl Sandburg

Today is a day of hope and expectation for our blogger friend Maggie of Flux Capacitor.  Such is the beauty of the blog-world that friendships are made, relationships deepen, bonds are found and tied ever tighter even as we live in different places at different times. Maggie is a poet and a mother and a wife. Her words knit together joy and hope and sadness and grief. She writes of love and parenting, sex and dreams, despair and honor and truth. She gives of herself freely, and I am grateful for her friendship.

I wish Maggie an easy and powerful birth of her Ever, a drawing-together of her beautiful family, an extended peace and forEver health and happiness.

If you'd like to give Maggie a baby gift, either click on the PayPal donate button at the top of my sidebar (highly recommended as Maggie will be on baby leave) or go directly to BabiesRUs and use Registry #46171571.

Other hosts for this virtual baby shower are:

Ms. Moon from Bless Our Hearts
Steph at UnsweetMama


  1. Good morning, Elizabeth- Isn't this fun?

  2. I left my gift at Ms Moon's house.

    You ladies throw an awesome party!


  3. I love that photo Elizabeth! And I'd never read that poem before, it's spot on.

    xo pf

  4. What a perfectly wondrous poem to gift your friend's baby with. What a wonderful gift to begin a life.

  5. What a lovely image you found! That would be a great poster for a child's room. Thank you Elizabeth xoxo

  6. Love the picture & poem! Sweet thoughts for Maggie, I'm glad to be part of her virtual baby shower, too!

  7. Where's the beer? Hey... YOU GIRLS BUY ANY BEER FOR THIS SHOWER? (I don't even drink beer. I don't even drink. But you know, guys are supposed to obnoxious and useless at these things. Happy, happy shower.

  8. My favorite place in the entire world...well my entire world which is quite the Carl Sandburg home in Flat Rock, NC. Ever been there? Wonderful.



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