Saturday, September 11, 2010

And still, the world goes round

and round.

I saw a new business today, in my neighborhood.

It was an agility school for dogs and a canine social club.

Evidently, franchise opportunities are available.


  1. The photo- sepia tinged- looks old.

    I suspect these days the RSPCA might have something to say. It takes anthropomorphism to a new high, though as you suggest someone might want to start a franchise. Not me. I can't even balance on such a bike myself, certainly not now but maybe not even before.

    The dog looks uncomfortable. Its soft underbelly should be visible only for stroking.

    Thanks, Elizabeth.

  2. Elisabeth - I actually just found the photo online and thought it went perfectly with the weird agility clinic business. I think the photo is actually vintage. With everything going on in the world, it just makes me shake my head, that businesses keep popping up. Maybe it's one of those "only in America" things...

  3. Honestly. That's just ridiculous.

    The photo made me laugh, though.


  4. Social clubs, agility schools and even restaurants for dogs, but we still can't find places to take our disabled kids. Maybe we should establish ourselves as a "niche market" and somebody will take notice.

  5. HA!! what will they think of next! the photo went perfectly with the post (youre always so brilliant in your delivery). im not a dog person, but those who are ive noticed...they REALLY get into their dogs and this idea may just work... strange....

  6. I think that such a business would be for the dog owners. Give them something to do with those dogs of theirs. In the play "Sylvia" the dog-owner tells a shrink that everyone in the world should have a dog because then, we would all have something in common to talk about.
    Frankly, I think that people getting together to do fun dog-agility training is probably healthier than people getting together to taste-test different waters or whatever it is that humans who obviously don't have enough to do get together to do.
    Know what I mean?
    I hope so. I am not quite awake yet.
    Great picture.
    I wish I could train my dogs to just pee outside consistently.

  7. oh my. i have been gone one week...and look how the world has turned round.

    i have missed you so.
    thinking of you and your monday.
    you are all in my heart.

  8. I was just thinking that I wish there was a place I could bring my dog to learn how to become more agile.

    Is this for real?

  9. Big Daddy Autism -- Yes, it's for real. A canine social club and agility school. For real. This is LA, baby.



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