Sunday, September 19, 2010

The only Tea Party I'd attend is one where this guy speaks

We didn't get you out of this hole, and we're sick about it and we don't mind you being mad. But it was a $3 trillion hole, and that $800 billion stimulus – only a third of which went to create jobs – was not enough to get us out of this hole, he said Democratic candidates should say. But we're going in the right direction. Just give us two years – you gave [Republicans] a lot more than that. If it's better you can re-elect us, if not you can throw us out. But don't make a U-turn. Don't start digging again.

-- Bill Clinton

They think the little guy gets the shaft, and that's largely been true. But they are pawns in a larger game. The Boston tea party] was a protest against abuse of government power. The people that are funding this tea party are trying to weaken the government at a moment where people are queasy about the government because there was nobody else to step in when the economy was flat, so they can have unaccountable private power.

--Bill Clinton on the Tea Party and those who are really running things


  1. I have seen/heard that "guy" speak--once tossing his notes aside and speaking off the cuff. Brilliant!! O.K., not in all aspects but most. And then to spend eight years listening to......zzzzzzzzzz!


  2. thank you, favorite new blog. i am so with you.

  3. I still love the Big Dog. Where did he say this? Tell me he is out on the campaign trail...

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  5. He's right. How could anyone think that two years could fix eight years? No one sane runs eights miles down a road and expects to be back at the beginning after only two miles.

    Thanks for sharing these.

  6. Marion -- I totally understand what you're saying about the bozos in Congress and the stalemate that we're in. What I don't agree with is that I think the Tea Party folks are just pawns -- pawns of corporate interests and the titans of private enterprise (the Koch brothers, for starters) that have absolutely no interest in the "simple" folks who are so pissed off. They're being used in the same way the born again people were under Reagan and then Bush/Rove. We're hardly being taxed to death (we have the lowest income taxes in the world, actually) -- dysfunction and graft are part of what needs to be reformed, but I don't think the Tea Party is going to make that happen.

  7. He's deeply flawed, but I still love that guy.

  8. Yeah. Bill Clinton is just a jewel. Flawed, perhaps, but a jewel, nonetheless.

  9. I respect what you're saying but what I'm hearing is 'just accept the status quo and roll over and play dead.'

    The mainstream liberal media attacks anyone who's a Christian, conservative or against taxes or their liberal beliefs. Not all Christians are fundamentalists (but if someone is a fundamentalist, it's their right as an American). Our country was founded on freedom of religon and freedom of speech, but it appears that you only have freedom of speech if you fit a particular mold formed by Hollywood or the Democratic party. The state our country is in right now scares the hell out of me.

    We definitely need change. Blessings!

  10. Marion - "just respect the status quo, roll over and play dead" -- hmm, that's what you're hearing me say? Interesting, because I'm feeling pretty alive right now. I'm all for Free Speech and protest and do a bit of it myself, but I also find the Tea Party abhorrent, and I'm incredulous that so many of them are so credulous that they believe those that are funding them have their interests in mind. I don't believe anyone's beliefs should be squashed -- but I'm increasingly intolerant of the intolerant!

  11. you should post more stuff about the Koch brothers E

    ignorance is bliss and most of our citizenry is blissfully ignorant about what "special interests" really are and what they are really interested in .... they are not welfare moms and the uninsured



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