Monday, September 27, 2010


Someone found my camera hanging on a chair at the table and contacted me! 

I am so glad!

(When I googled the words "vintage joy," looking for one of those old-time drawings/photos to use on this post, I came upon this fantastic still of the 1964 movie Joy House with Alain Delon and Jane Fonda -- click on it for the ultimate in viewing pleasure, thanks to the Internets.)


  1. THAT is hilarious. The photo, I mean. I am soooo glad that someone found your camera and that it's home with you. Yes.

  2. I love when there is concrete evidence of good, fairness, and generosity in the world. Bravo to the person who got your camera to you. And great picture.

  3. see,
    I was right!!!

    about one thing this week , or month,
    or lifetime....
    but still.

    so happy for you.

    can't wait to see the photos

  4. I had a feeling it would show up. I am so glad it did.

  5. you must know how this delights me!
    yes....perfect honest do the right thing.
    sharing your J O Y~!

  6. I'm so glad to hear that someone found your camera!

  7. Yea!!! Glad you got a gift from the universe. We all need reaffirming.

    And you need the camera so we can see more pictures of the kids at the beach, so we're beneficiaries too.

  8. I PANIC when I don't know where my camera is!! I am so happy there is a good person out there somewhere ....

    oh and I hope you're not cooking in the heat!



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