Saturday, September 18, 2010

Emblems of outdated institutions?

Can someone out there write the perfect caption for this perfect photo?


  1. But dear, you've put on my shoes by mistake!

  2. ahhhhahahahahaha!!!! I can hardly come up with something better than Eric, but, lordy, the pic speaks for itself.

  3. "Hold on there, Ben. Walt Raleigh is on the way!"


  4. I was going for the shoes too (and maybe the hats) but I think Eric nailed it! You should start in on the New Yorker cartoons, Eric!

  5. "First you put your two knees close up tight
    You swing them to the left and then you swing them to the right
    Step around the floor kinda nice and light
    And then you twist around, twist around with all of your might
    Spread your lovin’ arms way out in space
    You do the eagle rock with such style and grace
    You put your left foot out and then you bring it back
    That’s what I call ballin’ the jack"

    (of course you must sing this comment!)

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  7. Elizabeth,

    Were your parents Catholic?


  8. The Pope is groaning in pain as he walks with the queen. His hideous red shoes are obviously 3 sizes too small for his feet. The queen comments and asks why he doesn't buy a more suitable, conservative pair in the right size? He replies, the world has gone mad, my priests have been bad, I'm up to my zucchetto in law suits and we now know Mary and Joseph had other children. Taking these shoes off at night is the only pleasure I get.

  9. I can add nothing of wit or value. But I love the picture and I love your comments.

  10. "Do you think if I click my ruby red slippers together three times, we can go back to the days when the men were men and women were glad of it?"

  11. Weirdest couple's Halloween costumes ever.

  12. Elizabeth, it’s sadly ironic that you have chosen to disparage the pope. The reasons are so obvious that it’s hard to imagine how your sense of morality could be so dulled that you haven’t made the imperative moral connections between the pope’s mission toward humanity and your own family situation. The pope has been and remains, along with his predecessors, the most important advocate for the dignity of human life.

    In the first centuries A.D. the popes stood against Roman atrocities to the point that within the first 300 years of Christianity all but one pope was executed by the Romans. A few centuries later the popes stood against the barbarian hordes, which regularly raped, enslaved and murdered. The Romans and later barbarians were converted to Catholicism, which literally enable the establishment of civil society and the creation of Europe, i.e. Western civilization as we know it. Western civilization was built by the Catholic Church – even England was Catholic before it was England.

    In out own times we have secularism threatening civil society. How so? Let’s look at the “compassionate” practice of euthanasia, which the popes have stood against throughout history, including Pope Benedict who is the most important enemy of the practice on the face of the earth. Is euthanasia simply a compassionate means of relieving suffering?

    On 4/24/2001 The Wall Street Journal reported in “The Dutch Way of Death,” that “An estimated 5,981 people - an average of 16 a day - were killed by their doctors without their consent… And these numbers do not measure several other groups that are put to death involuntarily: disabled infants, terminally ill children, and mental patients. [Notice that Hitler began his genocidal programs with these groups, not Jews, Gypsies, or other ethnic minorities.] …The path to the death culture began when doctors learned to think like accountants. As the cost of socialized medicine in the Netherlands grew, doctors were lectured about the climbing cost of care. In many hospitals, signs were posted indicating how much old-age treatments cost taxpayers.” (CONTINUED)

    Dr. Richard Fenigsen, a Dutch cardiologist, who renounced his membership in the Royal Dutch Society of Medicine on June 24, 1984, the day the Society's board endorsed
    euthanasia, stated “The number of patients who die by active euthanasia is not known because, in the great majority of cases, doctors who perform euthanasia do not state it as the cause of death on the death certificates. From a questionnaire run among general practitioners it was estimated that these doctors carry out active euthanasia in 5000 cases every year. This number does not include euthanasia performed in hospitals. From a recent questionnaire among the general public, an estimated 18,400 cases of active euthanasia per year was obtained. This number, if correct, would mean that every
    sixth death in Holland is due to active euthanasia.”

    “Involuntary euthanasia has been practiced along with voluntary from the very beginning. The practice of involuntary euthanasia was studied in great detail by H. W. A. Hilhorst (1983), and recently the Medicolegal Group at the Limburg University, led by F. van Wijmen, has attempted a quantitative assessment of the practice. Of 299 doctors questioned, 123 (41.1%) declared that they have performed euthanasia "without request of the patient." Seven doctors stated that they have performed involuntary euthanasia in more than fifteen cases each.”

    This monstrous practice of killing the innocent has touched Pope Benedict personally. John Allen, then Cardinal Ratzinger's biographer, reports, “Ratzinger had a cousin with Down's Syndrome who in 1941 was 14 years old. This cousin was just a few months younger than Ratzinger and was taken away by the Nazi authorities for "therapy" Not long afterwards, the family received word that he was dead, presumably one of the 'undesirables' eliminated during that time."

    The pope is standing up and speaking out forcefully and clearly against the “culture of death” and secularism. Ironically, moments before the picture in question was taken, the pope had spoken in the presence of the queen about the atrocities of the Nazi’s that arose precicely because of their atheistic secularism. I guess you didn’t take the time to listen or read the text of his short speech.

    What sort of dangers grow out of the culture of death? The dutch murder rate is 6 times that of the U.S. They are demonstrating the casual disregard for human life. (

    Elizabeth, the pope is the most important advocate in the world for the rights of your disabled child.

    How about this caption for the photograph, “Pope Continues to Denounce ‘Culture of Death’”.

  14. Red lands-- You either need your own blog or should work for the Vatican. I'll continue on in my own dull moral way.

  15. Elizabeth,

    It is your moral way. You make choices. You make the decisions. And you must live with them.

    But there is a God, and he will do more for you than Yoga, this blog, and and spotting a star at Starbucks.

    Turn your life over to God.

  16. Dave -- I have to say that you're not exactly a persuasive evangelical. How many people have you won over to your God with the kind of talk that you use here on my blog?

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