Friday, September 10, 2010

Two down

(it's just unbelievable how much Henry has grown this summer -- freaky!)

and one to go -- Sophie starts a brand-new school on Monday. Am I nervous? Yes. Am I excited? Yes. Am I grateful? Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


  1. Good luck to Sophie. I hope she settles in well and enjoys herself.

    And what is it with children growing over the summer? It must be the extra vitamin D! Although my three all grew upwards, their feet didn't grow at all so they didn't need new school shoes. As we left the shop I was doing a happy dance and they were all howling!

  2. Those boys are so beautiful...they just shine with depth and boyish beauty. And WOW - he DID grow!
    Hooray for school starting, and for Sophie's turn, next. I hope you have a lovely day today xoxoxo

  3. Visiting from the Corner View project and I love the sentiment. Happy times three to return to the school year. Cheers~

  4. Yep. Boys, especially do that over-the-summer-growth thing. I remember observing it when I was in school myself.
    Your boys are so darling. I hope they have good years in their school and that Sophie does too. Oh yes.

  5. Hope it was a great day for both your boys!

  6. such a cute cute pic .... little men there

    and I will be thinking of The Mermaid and her new school .... big changes

  7. hmm, something weird happened, and i can't see my comment, but it says it's been saved, is it there?!

  8. I think blogger is lying, and it wasn't saved, I wrote something about really liking your yearly tradition of taking photos on the first day of school. Hope Sophie's first day on Monday is a good one.

  9. I can't wait to hear about the new school! I hope for great things for Sophie there. Keep us posted on how it goes.



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