Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love my sister

This is what my sister Melissa enclosed with my birthday present. Perfect, right?

And guess what the present was?

A Flatsy doll, except mine has brown hair. Melissa and I played with these dolls incessantly when we were little girls. We still share the same nostalgia for our old toys, so it was the perfect present for me. She also sent me this:

A big book of wacky pack sticker posters.

We're forty-five and forty-seven years old.

Are we weird or just related?


  1. I think it must be pretty special to have a sister....and funny gifts can be just the right thing to give. I liked the card!

  2. She knows you! My closest sister is only 10 1/2 months older than me. As of today, she's older than I am. I can't imagine life without my 2 sisters. Blessings!

  3. You are fortunate to have such a sister. Clever, creative loving and fun.

  4. I think you are both weird and it's wonderful and I want one of those dolls.


  5. I'm smiling at this post -- the thoughtfulness, the time and energy put into the gifts, and your wacky personalities!!!!

  6. I can remember the song "Flatsy, flatsy, we're flat and that's that." The my brothers would sing it .... cuz I was flat too :)

    mine had a purple outfit and brown hair

  7. Sisters are the best people in the world.

  8. I'm going to whine and wish I had a sister.
    well, i had a step sister for some time .. . but let's not got there.

    I love this. It makes me think of my girls. They so do goofy stuff like this already. They know each other.

    Of course the States had and has way more cool stuff.
    I always wanted one of those Locket dolls?

  9. Too cute! My youngest sister, 11 years younger, had a Flatsy! Haven't thought of them in years.

  10. What a great gift.
    I remember those 70s things... :-)



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