Monday, September 20, 2010

Trolls, Again

I'm over at Smartly Los Angeles, talking about trolls. Read it HERE.


  1. I had trouble with an anonymous troll, a year or so ago, leaving nasty cryptic messages and actually trying to blackmail me via blog comments. The problem was, I knew the identity of this person. I addressed the problem on my blog, without personally revealing them, and that, thankfully, shut them up.

  2. I posted this comment over at trolls:

    It is vexed, isn't it? This business of trying to suppress those voices that seek to suppress ours. It reminds me of something i read about the poet John Keats. He too hated bigotry and intolerance, particularly that which he detected in a so-called friend or at least associate Deekes. (? spelling)'

    A literary critic pointed out that whenever Keats wrote about this, his own writing became intolerant, and Keats himself took on the rigid position that he purported to despise.

    so i suspect you are right, Elizabeth, when you elect to let these bigoted voices stand. They shoot themselves in the foot by their very utterances.

    Thanks, Elizabeth. It's a terrific post and important points that you make.

  3. I had one individual attempt to comment on my blog who was abusive with language. I had no problem deleting this because it detracts from intelligent, balanced conversations. Like you say, I don't need agreement...I, however, expect civility. The individual in question, frustrated at my not allowing his comments on, tore me to shreds in his personal blog. I never went to read it...someone else told me. This is what I say: children throw temper tantrums for two reasons, communication or manipulation. When it's the latter, one must ignore, and carry on. The problem is quickly solved. Personally, I love the delete button.

  4. I really loved this article on The Smartly, I left you a comment over there. Great food for thought.



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