Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Lighter Side

Readers of this blog know that most of my postings are about living with a child with a serious disability, and if I deviate from those posts, it's in the realm of poetry or art or controversial politics. I recently joined a wonderful website called Mama Manifesto and have decided that when I post there, it will be, hopefully, a bit lighter -- devoted to general parenting stories. In fact, I'm one of their Mama Musings contributors.

Today, I have my first piece over there titled The Wire and hope you'll check it out. Leave a comment -- or not -- and enjoy the other writing on the site.

Click HERE.


  1. Just spent entirely too much time over at your new spot.Seems like I failed for an hour or so on my new vow to break free of my internet addition ... just an hour.Not much time really.Well worth the read.Your piece was great and the other Mama's wonderful as well.

    Proud of you.

  2. Lighter? You call that lighter? It upset me more than most posts ... but then, what do I know, I'm a guy.

  3. Zoey's mom -- Oy. I spend entirely too much time reading blogs. But I do love it.

    Single Dad -- I know -- it's difficult for me to be truly light. But, really, everything "normal" is light --

  4. I completely agree with Single Dad. This seem so hard.
    Oh Elizabeth- where and how do you find the time? You are my idol.

  5. More Elizabeth writing? WONDERFUL!!!!

    I also thought that post was on the lighter side. I think everything I write that doesn't have to do with Max is on the lighter side, so I can relate!!

  6. i love you and eagerly follow
    you go.


  7. Ms. Moon -- I am not a real person, actually and therefore capable of superhuman feats.

    Ellen -- I know you get it...

    Rebecca -- likewise!

  8. I love your light and dark . I enjoy how you are able to share your thought process on something like this and still leave the reader feeling the better for it. I hate oral fixations of any sort. You are a better mother than me in letting your son have the "whatever" side of your love . In the big picture these things are the least of our worries .

  9. Poor little fellow. He looks so sweet snuggled up with your dog.



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