Sunday, September 26, 2010

I could just cry

I was all ready to upload my photos from yesterday onto my computer -- photos from the music benefit that I attended yesterday, when I realized that I forgot my camera at the giant Westin Hotel Long Beach in a banquet room where I sat and ate dinner last night with the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

I called the hotel this morning and spoke with the director of housekeeping and she told me that no one had turned the camera in. I then left a message on the director of banquets' answering machine with my name and number, but I haven't heard back.

I could just cry.


  1. Cry! It might help a little. One always hopes that finders will do the right thing. I hope this is true in your case.


  2. Oh no! Elizabeth I am sorry ... I hope that someone turns it in.

    I was going to ask how the music festival went. And the epilepsy meeting - I attended a few of the Epilepsy Alliance of OC but I don't like it. Do the meetings you go to have parents of young children? Do you feel that the support there is good? I need somewhere.

  3. Maybe, like one of my chickens, it shall return. I hope so.

  4. I could cry for you. But maybe it will find its way back to you.

    I found the music benefit very moving. It was a joy to get to meet you, too, and I'm hoping we'll be in touch soon.

  5. *big hug*
    I hope someone returns your camera!

  6. I could just cry too. Get yourself a new one. Cameras are wonderful and uplifting toys: your world can look pretty magical when you upload it onto your screen:)



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