Monday, September 27, 2010

The Helper Syndrome

I posted a few light words about working for non-profit foundations over at Mama Manifesto and then weirdly  read these words this morning by Ezra Bayda:

Often our efforts, even for a good cause, are made in the service of our desires for comfort, security,and appreciation. Such efforts are still self-centered because we’re trying to make life conform to our picture of how it ought to be. It’s only by seeing through this self—the self that creates and sustains our repeating patterns—that we can move toward a more life-centered way of living.

You can read the light stuff HERE.

You can read Ezra Bayda HERE.

I'd love to start a discussion about non-profit organizations, the mechanics and need or otherwise of fundraising, what your experiences and thoughts are.


  1. We struggled with those fundraisers, too though they were for good causes - schools and scouting. When it comes to cancer research, though, I am shameless about asking for help. I don't EXPECT people to give, but I am not ashamed to ask. Educating people, sharing a story, raising HOPE - that is my way of fighting back against cancer. It channels my anger-energy positively, and it may help move that huge boulder forward a bit. I hate cancer even more than I hate asking for money - it's probably just that simple. Thank you for your lovely piece on the MAMA site. It was so enjoyable to read, as your writing always is!

  2. With regard to Bayda's essay, there's a Jewish precept that says the highest form of charity is anonymous. It doesn't seem as if that is practiced very much, but of course, we mostly wouldn't know.....

  3. this is a big question.
    I try to take each situation as it comes along .
    our schools have mostly gone with the one cheque donation, as have the sports teams once a certain age is reached and the parents have exhausted their enthusiasm for all of it.
    I get cynical when I read stories, such as the one that was posted not long ago in our paper showing the stats on the cost vs the actual money going to the cause. But I get it of course. The gala is expensive but the donations are larger than a door to door daffodil campaign.

    okay ~~ do you know how many times I've typed something and then erased it. I don't know why I've even tried to write an answer. It's complicated.



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