Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Invite You

to scroll down and read some of the comments on my post titled "Repeat."

I've been receiving quite a few -- let's say -- controversial comments from two (or is it actually only one?) trolls who've been reading through my blog back two years. Initially, I posted a call-out and since you know I love an argument, I did just that. But then, I thought better and was advised by those whom I love and respect dearly that it's not worth it; life's too short, etc. So I deleted everything and didn't think anymore about it.

Until today. And you know what? I think Dave or Redlands is actually right that I shouldn't delete their comments -- at least not these initial ones. I think it's informative to show just what passes as "dialog" to some in our country. When I post something political, I always hope that I will get some reader who will have an opposite viewpoint and who will argue that viewpoint in a sane, reasoned way. I hope for a conversation, actually. It's happened before and I'm the better for it.

Sadly, what I get instead from these guys is what you can read if you scroll down to the post "Repeat." If you're afraid to comment, thinking that you, too, might get visits from Dave and Redlands, well -- you can always email me.


  1. There is something very amusing about seeing an anonymous troll make a complete ass of himself in public. Thanks for the chuckle ... just shaking my head ...

  2. If someone comes on my blog leaving insulting comments I just delete - I don't engage with people who don't care to be civil.

    If they repeat the posts, I jsut delete the posts. In the end it takes longer for them to write them than it does for me to delete them. Eventually they get fed up.

    If someone wants a grown up debate with me, then fine. I used to teach philosophy evening classes, and one of the core rules was, if you disagree with someone, attack the argument, not the person. As soon as some calls you stupid for believing something, then they have lost. Insults are not valid points, they are outpourings for people who can't debate properly.

    The other thing to remember is there are people who have competitions with their friends to see how many bloggers they can wind up. If you get angry and engage, they score a point and are smug. So don't play their game and they can't win :)

  3. Your Mayflower comment cracked me up

    Such a sensitive topic. It's too bad not everyone can engage in civil, respectful discourse.


  4. With all due respect, thanks but I won't partake. It's really sad that the hate-mongering is so effective. Unfortunately it's most effective amongst those who can't articulate a thought and must therefore exist in that netherworld, trollville.

    Nothing good's going to come out of all this hatefulness.

  5. maybe it's like graffiti - you can't leave it

    or maybe it's like playground bullies - you don't have to take it

    but jeez louise, trolls - get a life!



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