Friday, September 3, 2010

A soft shout-out for something beautiful

An old and dear friend of mine, Stephanie is a writer of extraordinary and quiet power, and she writes sporadically on a blog called A still life...a life still. The blog is about her experiences caring for and watching over her mother, an equally extraordinary woman who is struggling with the disease ALS. Stephanie and her good friend Susan, whose father is suffering from the same disease, alternate posts, and I can honestly tell you that their writing is really some of the best I've ever read in my life.

Stephanie's father died this week of Alzheimer's, and today's post on that death is a moving eulogy about death, about the complicated relationship some of us might have with our parents and about abiding love.

Everyone should read it. You can read it here.

Thank you, Stephanie, for opening my eyes, for moving me.


  1. thank you for the nudge to this. I may wait until later tonight when I can give it the attention it no doubt deserves.

    the photos are from our trip to Cuba. I was struck by so much of the mix of old and new. And that they built this new resort right around the fallen trees and debris from the last hurricane. I know they reuse and repurpose out of necessity, but I think there was a respect for things in general that is so lacking in our throwaway culture. It sort of illustrated what I have been feeling re accepting some ugly along with some beauty in my life of late.

  2. Thanks dear Elizabeth, my blogger inspiration.

  3. I went and read many entries. Thank you Elizabeth. That truly is a rare and beautiful blog.

  4. I got sucked in.I read several posts back.Each of them gifted.In ways far beyond their eloquent and stirring words.

    The post made me sad.First and foremost for her loss and then for me.For a father and mother who are her on earth but not present in our lives.How sad I am for them.

    Thank you for sharing Elizabeth.

  5. I too thank you for directing our attention...

  6. Such beautiful writing. I too read many entries and will be back.



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