Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Gems #7

The King and Eye is hosting another Blog Gems -- a grand unearthing from one's blog archives. Today's topic is a post that describes an event in one's life. As I trolled through the more than one thousand entries of my blog, looking for something, anything!, that wasn't related to seizures or trips for my job or the antics of my children or just my endless boring thoughts, I came upon this entry from a couple of years ago that describes several events of my life.

Enjoy (or not) the link HERE and click on over to The King and Eye to enjoy more links or join in yourself!


  1. I for one, am compelled to say: your entire blog is a gem. And yes, David Whyte is a gem too.

    Isn't our Life the Event?

  2. Great to have you joining in again and thanks for the mention:) Jen



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