Monday, January 10, 2011

Off to San Diego

I'm taking Sophie to see the osteopath who brought us to southern California from New York City, thirteen years ago.

The photo is apropos of nothing, really -- just a shot of a normal Sunday in the 'hood.


  1. Thinking of you.

    (the photo is brilliant)

  2. Good luck, darling. And I want that mannequin very badly.

  3. oh funny shot!
    So weird, I dreamed about Sophie last night. All of you actually. Sophie was somehow singing this song to all of us. We were like in this huge field and she started singing it to me and I tried to join in and dance but she wasn't that interested in me. She wanted her brothers and I think she had a best friend there, and you. So she turned to where they were to get their reaction. And they all joined in too. It was really magical and fun. I was telling her Dad about it all later. I woke up remembering the song, but it's gone now. If it comes back I'll let you know. It was all really joyous and magical.

  4. In Berkeley that mannequin would be gone in a blink of an eye! Safe journey...

  5. i want that figure...
    (yes, i see art...possibilities)

    and for you and sophie a bright horizon.

    travel safe....wrapped in beth's dreamsong.

  6. Hey, wanna stop by on the way home?

  7. Sending you with love and light ....

  8. I suppose that mannequin is being thrown to the curb for being too "fat" for use in L.A.?
    Just kidding!
    I hope it goes well in San Diego, and I hope you and the mermaid have some quality beach time together there. xoxoxo

  9. Love the shot, and I hope all goes well with seeing the doc.

  10. The mannequin reminds me of Dexter Season #2's psycho NA sponsor.



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