Saturday, January 22, 2011

Twelve Year Old Boy Conversation

On the way to Henry's lacrosse game today, he asked me Mom, do you know who the fattest U.S. President was?

I said, I forgot.

He said, President Taft. He was so fat that they used a crane to put him in the bath.

I said, Really? I think that is just a legend.

He said, Uh-huh! It's true. And the bathtub was big enough for four men and he could hardly fit.

I said, Uh-huh.

He said, Mom?

I said, Yes?

He said, Wouldn't that be so cool if our bathtub was that big?

What could I say?

Yeah, that would be great.

(then again, if the conversation had been any more taxing, he might not have had the energy to play such an awesome game of lacrosse):

Henry, the one in the red helmet


  1. That was four men of olde. Probably normal sized tub for today.

  2. He is a very wise grasshopper. Is this too old, am I showing my age? Taft was HUGE.

  3. David did a report on that president, so I remember that story! And you can tell Henry that my parents used to have a HUGE bathtub (one that Katie called the "swimming pool bathtub" because as kids, they could both float around in it togeher). My folks had it removed and replaced with a smaller one, because the water never stayed hot, and it took too much to fill it. Just so he knows. =)

  4. Henry plays lacrosse! It's official, he's got gumption. My limited experience with lacrosse was the wild men at the hangout bar by my running park in Houston years ago. All the athletes stopped by for a beer after the game/run/whatever. Lacrosse players were good at dancing on the bar, superceded only by rugby players. You've got things to look forward to.

  5. Single Dad: O.K. That's hilarious. I see the four men but a crane? Did they even have cranes as we know them back then? Or perhaps it was some kind of early model lift?

  6. A bath that size would be very cool, especially if it was a jacuzzi!! Jen

  7. learn something new every day : )

  8. Never knew that about Taft. Single Dad...thanks for the link!

    When we bought the house we are in it had (has) a big jacuzzi tub. We don't use it as it does use a lot of water which I don't like to waste. In addition it is very uncomfortable. Straight sides that are impossible to get comfy in. When Ryan was little we called it his personal swimming pool. He loved to splash away in it.

    I think I would freak out if Ryan played Lacrosse. It looks crazy on a field!!! You are one brave momma.

  9. sweetest thing i ever heard. i exhale at moments like these because they tell me all my imaginings are for naught and life for my sweet child, in this moment at least, is really rather simple and concrete. we all need such breathers, both parent and child.



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