Monday, January 3, 2011

The boys set off the last of the New Year's poppers this morning

before leaving for school. Even I cheered!


  1. Excellent! I must remember to buy poppers next year.

  2. We probably can't get those here..

    Youngest back to school ~ but an ortho appt that I have to go and get her early for . blah.

    One just left for the airport.

    Husband and another one due back tomorrow.
    Oldest daughter doesn't go back to UMASS until the 18th

    Son has no work hours for a bit, doesn't start school until the 10th so is on his way home as we speak. Blah. :)

    All in all it was good. Better than.

    Here's to routine , even a bit of one.

    But I do like

  3. As much as I hate diving or rather being dumped head first back into it,I do in the end,crave order and routine.Always trying hard to find the balance though ...

    My boys loved the poppers this year.No left overs.Still remnants scattered all over our friends house I am certain of it.

    Happy Monday.I do believe the sun is peeking out.Here's hoping that it holds out for my drive your way.

  4. Great way to start the day! With a bang. Literally.

  5. I think my boys wished they had some fireworks left too!

  6. Yes. It is a relief when they get out of school for a vacation and a relief when they go back. Amen.

  7. NIce teak deck, what platform did you snap that shot from?



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