Saturday, January 8, 2011

A box of cranes, a box of rain

You got a package! my sons shouted and ran inside with a small white cardboard box.

It doesn't weigh very much, they added, is it for us?

I didn't recognize the return address and opened it while they watched expectantly.

It's a box of origami cranes! they exclaimed, WOW! (see my sidebar if you don't know the significance of origami cranes)

Just a short time ago, I began reading Stephanie Rodrigvitz' blog Mango Style, and she contacted me about some paper cranes that she had lying around, wondering whether I wanted them. I thanked her but told her that she didn't have to do that.

Well, she did that.

My cup runneth over.

Thank you, Stephanie. Thank you.

We all thank you.

And here's a box of rain, one of my favorite songs ever:


  1. As our Michelle says- the universe is abundant.

  2. Good things can happen when we least expect it.

  3. Elizabeth,
    I'm so happy they made it to you safely! I've been away all weekend and what a lovely surprise to see they made you happy!


  4. what a darling. it renews my faith that there are so many good, good people in the world that truly care :)

  5. This is one of my very favorite songs too.



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