Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rainy Sunday

I've been sitting in bed nearly all morning, drinking coffee and ignoring my children by only uttering yeahs and neat when they ask me something or show me something. I'm reading Keith Richards' Life and Susan Casey's The Wave and if there are two subjects completely opposite to my life right now as I live it they might be rock and roll as practiced by the Stones and surfing big waves as practiced by Laird Hamilton and native Hawaiians. Life, though, makes me think of my first husband and all the records we listened to, first in our rented farmhouse on the outskirts of Chapel Hill and then the rented pentecostal church in east Nashville where we lived once we were married. How so much time and life can have gone by is weird --

This is what the rest of the family is up to --

Spanish homework

the creation of a Football Shrine -- I didn't ask for details

Valentine, wishing that someone would pay attention

iPad  book


  1. This was exactly the kind of update I wanted to read this afternoon. XO

  2. sounds like a pretty kick ass sunday :)

  3. Girlfriend, it is making me so happy that you are reading "Life." Isn't Keith a generous, good soul?
    I love the picture of Sophie and her iPad. Books and stories are everything. They take us places we've never been and remind us of places we've almost forgotten.
    Looks to me as if you and your family are having a good Sunday in the rain. I am happy for that. Sundays are hard. Add in rain and you have to just gather in and take care.
    You are doing that.

  4. Sounds like a good Sunday to me!


  5. I want a rainy Sunday vs the bitter cold kind.

    It looks very Sabbath like to me.

    ( perhaps I'll have something to send for the football shrine, post game. my son won a trip on the Bud plane to go . A little debauchery and sports. He is beyond thrilled of course. Me? Wondering where the all expense part ends and the oh you didn't read the small print begins. )

  6. Here's to hoping you can bottle that easy Sunday feeling for the rest of the week!

  7. Jimmy got Keith's book for Christmas, and I get it next. I read the first page or two and I love that it reads as though Keith is just sitting there talking to you. Sounds like a most excellent day.

  8. I, too, love that photo of Sophie and her iPad book. And Valentine waiting to be noticed... I forgot (or never knew) your dog was named Valentine. What a perfect name...



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