Thursday, January 6, 2011


inadvertent revelations...little errors and gestures — mere straws in the wind — by which people betrayed the very things they were most careful to conceal 

 the sudden revelation of the whatness of a thing

 the moment when the soul of the commonest object ... seems to us radiant

--comments on epiphanies from James Joyce


  1. There must be a better word to use than beautiful. I like what Ms. Moon said. Yes.

  2. God gives us those little radiant straws in the wind.

  3. You know, I was reading your entry about the insurance company. Why in the world doesn't Sophie qualify for a Medicaid Waiver or other government assistance? It would seem to me she meets every conceivable criteria?

    Is it a California thing?

  4. Blogzilly: Sophie does qualify for Medical and has it, but it's considered secondary insurance (ironically, because it's "preferable" to have private insurance). However, this drug is NOT covered by Medical either. The problem includes a general ignorance of epilepsy in general, its treatment, etc.

  5. seems to us radiant.
    love all this.



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