Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunset in the Hood and Overnight EEG


  1. I hope Sophie knows how beautiful she is.
    I hope her mother does as well.
    The sky all on fire for the ache of it.

  2. Ah yah. She is a beautiful woman, turbaned and set to gaze eyes forward. She is Sophie, our mermaid. We love her and you know that.
    My verification word (and I am not lying) is "wings".

  3. Pink sky, white turban, and love flying at you like birds.

  4. First,the video almost made me was beautiful.and Oliver,there is just something so gentle and loving about his face.Something I just can't put my finger on.

    The sunset up this way looked nothing like yours.Must have been the magical light that Sophie lent to it.

  5. We clench to see them suffer any hard thing but Sophie is a powerful soul, unfurling like the dazzling sky, which brings its beauty back again and again, no matter the weather in between. I am sorry it is so hard sometimes but you and Sophie will help each other through. So much love. So much.

  6. What a gorgeous sunset.

    Is it weird that I looked at this photo of Sophie and thought, "Spandage." Hmm? I actually looked to identify the material on her head, and could do it. What a dull person I'm becoming.

    Prayers that the EEG went as easily as possible, and will lead to some kind of help.



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