Saturday, January 1, 2011

If you're feeling irritable,

I highly recommend a viewing of Georgy Girl, the 1966 movie starring ungainly Lynn Redgrave. I fancy myself a movie buff, but I had never seen it -- the name had put me off and I never expected it to be so utterly crazy and weird in the way that I love weird. The cast includes an extremely creepy James Mason (when is he not creepy but oh, so fabulous?), a bizarre, kick up your heels exuberantly goofy Alan Bates and a devastating, extremely young and witchy beautiful Charlotte Rampling.

I'm not irritable anymore. Well, maybe only a little because these kids I have are still awake and I'm getting just the teensiest, tinesiest bit tired of Christmas vacation.


  1. I actually saw that movie years ago in college for my "1960's through film" class. It was an amazing class, and a really interesting film. Hmmm, I should really try to see it again.

    And now that you have mentioned it, the title song (which was a big hit, playing constantly on the radio, back in the day) is going round and round in my head.

    Happy New Year, by the way.

  2. I think Georgie Girl and I remember the seekers song of the same name. I too have not seen the film, but now I must hunt it out, though where?

  3. OK. Now I have to Netflix it. I'm not a Lynn Redgrave fan and I remember the dippy song from when I was a kid but I trust you.

    Roman Holiday. May be my favorite old flick.


  4. I've never seen it either! Isn't that odd? Has ANYONE seen it?

  5. I haven't seen it - thank you for the recommendation. HUGS to you and yours.

  6. I've never seen it but will now. It was enormously popular in it's day and I can still sing the theme song word for word!

  7. love that movie....
    quirky in all the right places!!!

    a much see...

  8. Thanks, Secret Pepper Person! I've put the Seekers video on the post, as you can see!

  9. I saw this movie in a theatre in White Bear Lake MN. When it was released. I only saw it once, but I vividly remember it. I guess there are some things about which being the old person is good.



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