Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cake, Lemonade Stands, Homeschooling and The Walk to End Epilepsy

That's going on: cake baking. Today's order is for a Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. I have to decorate it, too -- a wacky Coupon Diva logo. Later, I'm making an Hallelujah cake for a friend's birthday party. The Big O is working on his lemonade stand that he'll be manning at this Sunday's End Epilepsy walk and 5K at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. He and The Husband are making it into quite a project -- a homeschool project, actually -- with real food and labor costing, profit margins, etc. Oliver has "hired" two friends to help him out, and the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles is providing a booth, table, chairs, tablecloth and, of course, thousands of patrons. I believe there will be lemonade and cookies (home-made of course) for sale for hundreds and when they're out, they're out. A significant portion of the proceeds will benefit the work to End Epilepsy.

In case you aren't around to have some of the best lemonade in town, you can still contribute to the walk by going to our Team Sophalofa page and making a donation. Any amount is welcome -- our local affiliate -- the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles -- is a terrific one whose director and other employees work incredibly hard in responding to those of us in the community. They even, most recently, have attended informational conferences regarding this whole medical marijuana thing and are organizing efforts to find out more. Given how top heavy many non-profits are, and how so much money goes to schmoozing and administrative costs, it's so refreshing and encouraging that the EFGLA is so responsive to its members. The walk is at the beautiful Rose Bowl in Pasadena, something that we look forward to each year.

Join the Walk to End Epilepsy, Drink Lemonade from Ollie's Lemonade Stand and Eat Cookies!


  1. Well, at moments like this, I curse my distance from L.A.

  2. It would be so fun to pop in on you guys
    Yummy gourmet lemonade too
    Good luck with all of it

  3. Y'all are going to blow their minds with that lemonade! I'll be there in spirit.



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