Monday, November 4, 2013


William Blake, 1793

It's a cloudy Monday morning in the southland, and things are changing in these parts. Some you know about and some you don't, but I have a great sense of expectation and hope in nearly all areas. In fact, if I were a Miss America contestant on a stage and asked by the guy who asks these things, What do you most want in the world? I might say World peace! with a big silly grin on my face and a flick of my blonde hair.

Here's a poem:

To converse with the greats

To converse with the greats
by trying their blindfolds on;
to correspond with books
by rewriting them;
to edit holy edicts,
and at the midnight hour
to talk with the clock by tapping a wall
in the solitary confinement of the universe.

Vera Pavlova


  1. Your hopefulness makes me want to believe. You are all the best things about this flat blue world especially today.

  2. Change always requires adjustment so I'm glad these changes feel hopeful. Flick that hair, Miss America!

  3. Expectation and hope - those words are wonderful. Beaming positive thoughts right back at you. Why not wish for world peace, dream big, reach for the moon. So happy to read your words and picture your big silly grin.

  4. Let me know if you need to borrow a tiara, Miss Thing.

  5. Swish your petticoats while you're at it. Do all things dancing. I am so happy at your happiness.

  6. Your happiness makes me happy. May it bloom and grow!

  7. Always reaching. Sing a tune while you're at it!

  8. I am glad things seem to be moving in a positive direction. :)



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