Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Revolution, Part One

I googled female revolutionary and got a whole bunch of women with guns and rifles. There were lots of photos of glorious women in robes and glamorous women from southern countries. I got lost for a bit on a website that featured vintage Chinese photos. I didn't want a photo of a woman with a gun, though, or even a weapon. I really didn't want anyone standing over someone bound. Then I came upon the photo above and I clicked and copied its url, fed it into the post and am writing around it. I've been thinking about revolution of late as it pertains to this medical marijuana business, how it's unfolded, how I can hardly open the computer or a paper or turn on the television and not see something about it. That Sophie is taking a less than ideal tincture that appears to be doing something and that this something is something positive and that we might be on the forefront of something revolutionary is -- well -- unsettling. I feel compelled to speak in code when I speak of it, not just the stuff itself but the success of the stuff. That's the Italian in me, I suppose, the peasant. The stuff itself feels transgressive, and so does the success. I think of the legion of children drugged in our schools, drugged and dazed and hyped up. Legally. I think of revolution, being on the edge of one. I think first of stripping, of being naked, being naked the expression of ecstasy. The archetypal nightmare, though, the dream, is of you, naked, in a room, walking down a hallway of a school. You thought you were clothed, only realize it when someone points and then everyone is pointing. You wake up panting and lie down. It was only a dream, you think, relieved, a nightmare. 

I type, blinded.


  1. You may be typing blinded but you are writing, heart busted wide open.

  2. I imagine goodness can be unsettling, when it has been so bad for so long. It is hard to let ourselves be happy. You seem to have been dealing in images of nakedness lately. It makes me think of casting off, letting go, laying burdens down. A hesitance with it, perhaps.

    I can't stop telling everyone I know about CBD and Sophie.

  3. Thinking of you and a lot about the whole ball wax referred to in your post.

  4. I can only hope those people at the Department of Justice and whoever else is responsible for enforcing the ridiculous drug laws in the U.S. wake up and have their own epiphany.

  5. I am trying to figure out how to join your revolution in a meaningful way...



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