Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday colors

The Little Mermaid illustration by Josef Palecek, 1981

My little mermaid is awake and awake. She is sitting in her yellow and lavender room, waiting for me to come dress her and perhaps, if she's lucky, go outside. The sky is blue today and the sun is low and warm, leaves are brown and the tomato plants droop. Henry and Oliver sit on their blue shag rug with a black video console, the blinds are brown. I yank them up, release the sun, step over a gray tee-shirt yellow at my back. We can color a Sunday to live through it.

Listen to this.


  1. I am thinking of the colors under the water in Mexico, the darting fish of jewel-tones, the drama, the beauty of it all.
    Your mermaid...your mermaid. May she continue to wake.

  2. Your mermaid is awake and you are letting in the sun. Yes.



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