Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I dropped Henry off at school this morning for his first day of pre-baseball conditioning. We left at 5:45 in the still darkness, and when I drove back around 6:15, I saw the most spectacular sunrise I've seen in my life. I awkwardly tried to take a couple of photos, but the best came out like this:

and maybe this:

Honestly, that yellow blurry band at the bottom was THE SUNLIGHT, and it was layered with ice-cream colors up to blue. I blinked a few times and wondered if this was what it felt like to be hallucinating.

The universe is abundant.


  1. My niece experiences the Malibu sunrise every morning on her surfboard. She's sent me pictures from out in the water. Otherworldly but of course no, it IS this world.

  2. Sunrise and sunset are holy moments which occur every day. I believe that with all of my heart.

  3. you remind me of the gifts of mindfulness with this post. thank you. i needed to remember.

  4. I posted a sunset picture from Van Nuys blvd when I was down there in June. It is spectacular to be reminded of such natural beauty when surrounded by miles of concrete and asphalt

  5. I saw a stop-in-your-tracks sunrise this week, too...Mother Nature is a generous giver.

  6. It IS abundant. I literally cannot go a day without finding something to photograph. There's just so much out there! I love the "sunrise with freeway" -- very L.A. :)

  7. I love the way those photos turned out. What a capture.

  8. What did you think of yesterday's poem? "...Not many gifted people go into education"
    Except now you are "going into education"
    Do you know about Coursera? and MOOC classes?
    Here is one that has introduced me to your world of poetry.



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