Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scenes from the weekend

There was another lemonade stand put on by The Entrepreneur. One third of the profits will go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles. Remind me to remind you of our upcoming EndEpilepsy walk. I have a page up on a website, if you'd like to contribute -- more later --

There was another minimal seizure day with some napping (holy crapola, shitola, maloney, baloney!):

There was Resistance-to-Making-One's-Bed:

There was sluggish watching of Seinfeld re-runs and far too many video games (pay no mind to the large extension cord snaking through the house):

Reader, tell me about your own weekend. Oh, and read this.


  1. Your house is lovely. And hey! I was wondering where my power cord went!
    I tell you, Sophie is going to sleep for a year. Not out of being "drugged" but out of being exhausted from a lifetime of seizures. My heart has held joy for her and for you all day. All day. I keep coming back to you both in my mind. I keep smiling.

  2. This is random, but I was thinking earlier today about how Sophie is getting some relief and how you said the "stuff" is super expensive. I think you should set up a community funding page (like on to let those of us out here in the webland contribute to Sophie's supply of whatever tincture works best. Just a thought.

  3. I second what Jill said.

    The Seattle area had a bit of weather yesterday, mostly high winds, which combined with tall evergreens always creates some excitement. A fancy dinner (and surprise birthday) party had to be postponed to today because of a power outage. And close friends of ours who live a mile away had a tree come down on the corner of their garage, causing damage, but as minimal as one could expect, under the circumstances. So, lots of yard cleanup today for us and time spent commiserating with our friends, and we still have a great dinner to look forward to.

    You never say much about the dog. Looks like a very mellow creature.

    I hope things continue to get better and better for Sophie.

  4. I third what Jill said. And Sophie napping. I imagine things healing as she sleeps. I have this strange sensation that I should whisper.

  5. My weekend was quiet, walking in the river valley, shopping for a new floor for my kitchen, cooking, baking for a friend, horseback riding with Miss Katie, saw my son and his friend. Busier than I thought but not in a bad way. Busy enough so that I don't miss my mum. Oh, and snow!

  6. This is what I did this weekend:

  7. So glad to hear that Sophie had another good day! Hope the Entrepreneur had good business at The Stand.

    We had a windy, coolish morning here in NorCal, so I stayed warm in bed, worked at getting over the cold I picked up on a NYC subway and called friends to say "I'm home." I got up, bundled up and rode my bike down to get supplies for chicken soup. Had dinner and a movie and am getting ready for early bed time.

    Sending love. N2

  8. Looks like the perfect weekend. Fascinating article! It's great that Charlotte's Web is getting this publicity. Maybe it will raise awareness and ultimately lead to some changes in the law for the better. (One would hope.)

  9. A hoppy ale and a walk with my husband. Pear tart and corn chowder. Skipped church and slept in.



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