Saturday, November 23, 2013

Me Want

A hobbit hole house of my very own.

Here's another one:

Children, husbands, men in general not allowed entrance. Women allowed, but only those bearing books, coffee, bourbon, cheese and chocolate can stop by for a few minutes. Javier Bardem is exempt from above rules.

See more here.


  1. I love these and I don't have much stuff so I could live in one easily. I already live in 600 sq. ft. I think these must be about 350? I could manage easily if only there is indoor plumbing. xo

  2. I love the "tiny house" movement, of which these look like fine examples. I must contest that no-men rule, though.

  3. I think we should turn this into a commune. I know that's how cults get started, but still, I think it's worth a go. Hobbit holes very spread out, of course.

  4. Too funny. ... "coffee, bourbon, cheese and chocolate"--looks like you got all the food groups.

    I just got back from Fort Worth and was surprised to find there a kick-ass distillery blending whiskey & making bourbon. I didn't think I drank those yellow spirits...until we tasted. So now I'm with you on the bourbon, but maybe only if it's Texas-made.

  5. PS I also had a Habanero Margarita at a 'cowboy cuisine' restaurant and I want to tell you that the drink could make a person forget what ails her.

  6. Add a small bed and I would never be seen again.

  7. Looks wonderful! I'll bring a baguette too ...



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