Friday, February 6, 2015

Dispatch from the Homeschool Revolution: SUP and STEM

Oliver and I drove down to Redondo Beach this afternoon where he got in the water with a small group of people and some paddleboards to learn about the local marine life and biology.

He reported sightings of hundreds of sea lions and starfish. They also learned about tsunamis and earthquakes -- how it happens, when it happens.

I'm aware that many of you are snowed and iced in or under interminable gray skies.

I know, you would miss the seasons, if you lived out here. I understand.

It was about 68 degrees right by the ocean today and is bound to get down in the forties tonight.

I wish you were here.


  1. I wish I was there too. My large body of water is the very sky itself.

  2. I announced the horrifically low temperature in our hometown in upstate NY one day recently. Riley looked at her brother and said, "Let's gloat."

  3. Florida ain't too bad right now either. The word "glorious" does come to mind.

  4. Yeah, that sky and sun are pretty unbelievable!

    I remember going to a place kind of like that in the Florida Keys when I was in school. We took boats out and snorkeled. Completely awesome. I will never forget it.

  5. Great experience for Oliver. I have lived there (La Jolla) and have to admit that I found the weather boring. I truly do love the seasons--each one making me appreciate the next.


  6. I could definitely give up the seasons in the northeast if it meant living without cold, wet and gray for months on end.



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