Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sophie Loo Hoo at School

I got this photo yesterday of Sophie working on a new spelling program, and it really just makes me burst with gratitude for her aide, for her teacher and for our good fortune that she has a life outside of this one, the one I often write about.

I also neglected to tell you that I think we have an answer to Sophie refusing, periodically, to bear weight on her right leg. It sounds very much like she has what's called Todd's Paralysis:

What is Todd's Paralysis?

Todd's paralysis is a neurological condition experienced by individuals with epilepsy, in which a seizure is followed by a brief period of temporary paralysis. The paralysis may be partial or complete but usually occurs on just one side of the body. The paralysis can last from half an hour to 36 hours, with an average of 15 hours, at which point it resolves completely. Todd's paralysis may also affect speech and vision. Scientists don't know what causes Todd's paralysis. Current theories propose biological processes in the brain that involve a slow down in either the energy output of neurons or in the motor centers of the brain. It is important to distinguish Todd's paralysis from a stroke, which it can resemble, because a stroke requires completely different treatment.
So, there's some gratitude and a hats-off to the Powers That Be. I'm not completely batshit crazy.


  1. Well, that all seems like good news. I think. I hope so anyway.

  2. And now we know. And is she chewing again yet?

  3. I don't think you are anywhere near bat shit crazy!


  4. well, you might be batshit crazy, just not about this. ;-)

  5. Definitely not bat shit crazy - more sane than most of us actually

  6. Definitely not bat shit crazy - more sane than most of us actually

  7. Elizabeth, thanks for introducing me to Todd's Paralysis, a condition I'd never heard of. And here I was presuming I was some sort of lay-expert in this curse, epilepsy. (I know, pretty presumptuous of me, but after all, it's been nineteen years since my daughter, C., took up seizing.) How did you discover this?

  8. The Sound of the Silent -- When we had a recent visit to the neurologist, I was telling her about the foot/leg thing and she mentioned it to me, told me to "look it up." I did, and it sounds exactly like what happens to Sophie, although she recovers more quickly than the article cited states.



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