Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Hypothetical, With Answers**


How would you feel if your unvaccinated child gave another child the measles?


How would you feel if  vaccinating your child meant that someone will pay a price for your child's immunity and that that price will be a lifetime of uncontrolled seizures, drained resources, developmental disability, complete dependence and death? 

**Answer Key (unnecessary for all those who are certain of anything in this world)

1. Very, very sad.
2. Very, very sad.


  1. Perfectly expressed. Reader, take a moment and look at these two values, these two weights. Can you say which weighs more?

  2. 1)after researching the issue extensively and believing that this hypothetical is likely too worried not to vaccinate.

    2) after researching the issue extensively including a deep reading of many studies on vaccinations and seizures and believing the studies strongly support finding that this hypothetical is not at all likely and instead supports a finding that children who respond to vaccinations with seizure activity are displaying a symptom of an underlying condition and that their long term outcome is unaffected by the vaccine ....unconcerned about this hypothetical.

    Sorry. I know you believe in your heart differently. I just don't think the science supports you ( and yes I know you don't trust the science)

    1. Anonymous, as your teacher, I'm giving you an F. You neglected to answer the first question. The answer you gave to #2 is "unconcerned," and demonstrates an attention to reason without the requisite amount of compassion. You've failed the exam, again. I suggest you go back and learn about human compassion. Oh, and please put your name at the top of the paper and own your work.

  3. Yes and yes, Elizabeth. I trust science, as far as it can be trusted (science is dynamic, it changes all the time as new data comes in, after all). I've spent a good portion of my life doing science, though not medical science. I've seen some terrible reactions to vaccines, including one that happened in my own body that remains and may very well remain until I pass from this life. It's not fun. I vaccinated my kids at a slower rate than is common with the blessing of my kids' pediatrician because he respected my concerns about these reactions I've seen and experienced. I'm so tired of the internet wars against people who have darn good reasons to not vaccinate or to take a slower approach. I am seeing so much venom by people I like directed at other people I like. There are exactly two people whose thoughts on the matter I can read lately. You would be one of them, Elizabeth. <3

  4. If you are as confident as you seem to be in your justifications Anonymous, why don't you reveal yourself? Can you cite your sources on # 2 research as you seem to have no doubts? Sweet Jo

  5. I was "forced" to vaccinate my daughters, here in Switzerland, you have the choise, but anyway we did. After two years Justine got mumps, and I remember arguing with the pediatrician, so I vaccinate my daughter against a disease and then she got it even sooo??? Her answer - you won't know without the vaccine she could have died!!!
    So last year, and even this year we were asked for pailloma virus, a vaccine with no history, relative young and with enormous side effects...could you imagine how big was the NO THANKS we said to their faces???

  6. I would like to add a third question if I may.

    How would you feel if the government dictated all of your health decisions based on scientific studies that were funded by corporations with a vested interest and without taking into account what we don't yet know?

    As far as I'm concerned, this is a choice issue like any other. I have not walked a mile in another's shoes and, as such, I am NOT qualified to make monumental decisions for them based on my own fears and my personal experience. Period. I come back to this again and again: we all want the same thing - healthy kids. If the energy spent on hatred and vitriol and unnecessary legislation were spent on developing safer, more effective vaccines or treatments for these ailments, we would all be closer to that outcome.

  7. I'm certain of one thing in this world, the unbearable weight of sadness. And love, I’m sure of love. Sending love.

  8. So sorry Elizabeth, but I cannot help myself...
    Anonymous...did your "deep" research include finding out who funded the studies to which you so confidently cling? Secondly, if children with "underlying conditions" suddenly begin to display the effects of said "conditions" post vaccination, does this still not indicate that there is something about vaccination that negatively impacts neurology or the general function of the human body? Furthermore, are you (or are the studies) saying that these underlying conditions would have popped up some other way via some other trigger? Pray tell if these studies provided a list of possible other triggers for the sudden onset of the "underlying conditions". Finally, if vaccine reactions are so very insignificant as to be dismissed by you and the studies, why does the U.S. government maintain a massive vaccine damage compensation fund? But in the end, it is your complete lack of compassion that makes your comment so offensive.



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