Thursday, February 19, 2015

Laugh Like the Buddha

We just got a new bottle of Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil, and we're back to using the cannabis in a coconut oil base. That seems to be easier on Sophie's stomach than the olive oil one, and it sure tastes better. The coconut oil solidifies easily, though, so we warm it up slightly in a cup of warm water before drawing it up in a syringe. The whole thing, the whole catastrophe, as Zorba says. Hence, Frida. I think it's appropriate, given Frida's revolutionary politics and sense of humor. I've been looking through her diary and read a bit in the introduction that resonated with me, particularly as I continue to read through the more than 110 comments on the National Geographic article that appeared last week. Some of the comments are interesting and intelligent, a few are even compassionate, and a very few demonstrate an understanding of the article and by extension my story, but most of them have veered off into the Land of the Absurd where Absolutists and People Who Take Themselves Entirely Too Seriously start shooting one another while SCIENCE and MAGICAL THINKING dart in and out, dodging the bullets. By about comment 50 or so, I left off feeling despair and started doing Zorba's dance. Go watch it if you need a refresher.

Teach me to dance, will you?

I was cheered reading that Frida's Diary was the best example of this ribald, punning, dynamic genius for humorous language that makes Kahlo such an endearing and, finally, happy figure, in spite of all suffering.

"Her voice, all who knew her tell us, was deep, rebellious, punctuated by caracajadas -- belly laughs -- and by leperadas -- four letter words."

Anyhoo. That's why I stuck Sophie's Charlotte's Web (that concoction of Supposedly Not Studied Enough But Been Around For Thousands of Years and Used for Medicinal Purposes in 600 B.C.E. Cannabis and Coconut Oil in the Frida Kahlo mug.

Sophie is doing well. Her teacher told me today that "Sophie's back." They've been able to do some productive work at school, and her overall mood is better.

Cross your fingers and toes.
Knock on wood three times.
Do your Zorba dance.
Laugh like the Buddha.
You know the drill.


  1. Hooray, hooray, hooray!
    Isn't it weird how people don't really read and comprehend much of what is in front of them?

  2. "Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, parties, nations and ages (and I would add the Internet) is the rule". To thine own self be true dear Elizabeth, keep dancing!

  3. Done and done. Glad to hear "Sophie is back" and that you and Oliver had a lovely Chinese New Year. I am slowly weaning myself away from Facebook and being mindful about why I might want to leap to repost something someone wrote, and mostly deciding that it's my ego talking. When that is the reason ("I must educate you, give you this other perspective," etc, etc.), I am generally choosing to take the dog for a walk or sit and write fiction. Love.

  4. Lisa's quote is perfect. So glad Sophie is doing well. I adore that mug and the mermaid painting behind it. Keep dancing.

  5. I usually skip the comments because it is where the crazies come out of the woodwork. I enjoyed the article very much, and it is nice to see your husband there! I didn't know there was a published diary of Kahlo's -- must rush to get it. She was a master at not only 'rolling with the punches' but of living a full and joyful life despite the obstacles. Much like yourself. xo



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