Monday, February 9, 2015


with art, with the wrestling between darkness and light and then the holding of both. You can do both, you know -- one in each hand. So many of us see our young selves in Magda and Tomasz, our babies in little Leo. May we all pull light from darkness and then share both.

Beauty in the world, despite.

What my friend Jen Pastiloff calls beauty hunting.


  1. I cried. Thank you for such beauty. And then I cried more.

  2. I held my breath through much of this. It is such a perfect demonstration of your beautiful words. I'm left feeling reflective. Sweet Jo

  3. breathtakingly beautiful...

  4. I could only get through about 15 minutes of the video. It reminded me of all the horrible times with my daughter when she was a baby. When she was given the diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis something in me died. I know that total feeling of hopelessness and all the anxiety and fear. I will try to watch the rest later.



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