Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Beauty of the Blog

Henry was in bed just now, reading, and he came out of his room and said, "I feel sick to my stomach." I asked him whether he had to throw up and he said he didn't know and then he went into my bathroom and I sat down here at the computer to read Frank Rich.

And then there was an earthquake. The big, halting, jolting kind. Seconds of shaking when you feel it and question it and deny it and know it.

Henry came out of the bathroom and calmly asked me whether he needed to go get under a table. I stood up and moved toward Sophie's room where I sat, on the edge of her bed, my heart pounding. Henry came with me.

I hate earthquakes and haven't felt one in a really long time.

Henry said that he felt better and could he go back to bed. So he did.

And now I'm here, my heart still pounding wondering how it ever happened that I gave birth to a boy from Southern California. Actually, two of them. Oliver is sleeping soundly next to his quivering cowboy nightlight.


  1. Oh hon - used to live in LA - they are scary - I imagine worse if you had kiddos!! I was young and single back then. I wonder if his tummy was a warning of the earthquake - just kinda knocked him off kilter for a bit. Glad your ok and hugs, Sarah

  2. how did I miss this one? They are my WORST nightmare ever since being in the Northridge one. But I did not even feel it!!! Belle freaked out cause she told me she saw the shampoo bottle move! BUT...that was around 6pm, and I think the quake was 8:30ish. Hmmm.......funny that my post was on being BALANCED..I must have been REALLY balanced last night!

  3. Oh, my goodness!! I can't imagine how unnerving that would be. Hope you were able to get some peaceful rest.

  4. I hate them too. Takes me a few days to recover when I feel one (but on the good side that is when I get motivated to restock the earthquake kit). Just today Ruby was putting some heavy toys on a high shelf next to her bed and I moved them much lower. She can get anxious so I just told her that her things could fall off in an earthquake...meanwhile I was imagining wooden puzzle boxes with sharp corners flying off the shelf into her head.

    I'm glad you are all ok!

  5. I'm glad no one was hurt at your house. It's very frightening to be surprised with danger--no wonder your heart was pounding hours later.

  6. we have them up here too (Washington) - they never bothered me much (when I lived down there) but since I've had kids, they're terrifying .... I'm glad you're ok

  7. That must be more than scary. Henry is so cute. I wonder if he felt it in his bones.




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