Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prank Calls

After taking my boys out of Catholic school and putting them into a public charter school, I blogged about the transition. If you haven't already, you can read about it HERE. When I received a little flak about it, I posted again HERE. And I haven't said too much since, despite numerous occasions when I've endured the underhanded comment about "public school kids," or the slightly more passive-aggressive comment about how "permissive" parents are in the charter school and thus, by inference, how "ill-behaved" the children. My son Oliver made his First Holy Communion last week, with his former peers from the Catholic school, along with some children from the new school. I heard a couple of comments, if you can believe it, again, about the "rowdy" public school kids.

Frankly, I've been letting this stuff roll off my back -- after all, don't I have BIGGER things to worry about, to feel anxious about, to actually be going insane about? (And if you're a new reader to my blog, you might have some reading to do). I feel slightly irritated about it but in general, I'm not falling for the bait.

The boys are happy, thriving, doing well academically and behaving nicely in their new PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL.

But let me get to the gist of my story.

On my way out of Target yesterday, I picked up the messages on my home voicemail, one of which was a teeny tiny girl voice, speaking to Henry, my ten year old boy. I'm typing it small to illustrate how tiny this voice was and then when it got big and erupted, well, you get it...

Hiiiiiii, Henry! This is Blankety-blank (I'm not using the real girl's name, but she's someone at the charter school)

Can you call me on my cell phone? My cell phone number is (here she passes the phone to another girl who then speaks)

Call me!!! (And then there's a very exaggerated, loud KISS sound)


And the message is over. I did one of those lookatthephoneand shakeitmoves and then I dialed into voicemail and listened to the message again. It didn't sound like the girl from his school and I thought I detected, even, a slight Asian accent was it in the voice of the second girl? Anyway, I continued on home wondering if it was a prank or whether it could possibly be that at age ten years old Henry had somehow gotten mixed up with a rather forward girl? (And there's my Catholic girl self coming in, in spite of it all).

I mean, do children still play pranks in this day and age with the telephone? And pretend to be someone they're not to tease a goofy boy?

When I got home, Sophie's caregiver said that the phone had been ringing off the hook for half an hour and that when she finally answered it, little girls started giggling and asking for Henry, claiming to be Blanketyblank. She said they were giggly and very rude.

RUDE and STUPID as it turns out. Because SURPRISE!!!

We have Caller ID. I called the number and a man answered the phone.

Hi! This is Elizabeth, Henry Goofitygoof's mother. Have you been calling my home?

Who? I don't think so.

Well, your number appears on my caller ID numerous times and I'm wondering whether it might be your child?


And the two giggly girls come running. There's a bit of commotion, a little foreign language thrown around that I don't understand, and then some profuse apologies.

No problem, I say, and hang up.



(and I'm feeling just a teensy-tinesy bit SMUG.

And here I'll leave you with an old tune:


  1. They didn't think about Caller ID!? Sounds like their Catholic education could use a shot of 20th century!

  2. Heh, heh, heh, this is sooo good! Having been a Catholic girl...nuns and all...(it was all very Vatican 2 though)..Love Zappa and we had our own little songs in school, very rude of course, the end of which went something like this:
    And if sister should appear
    We say "sister have a beer!"
    In the cellars of old UCC!

  3. Just one of the many reasons why I love caller ID!

  4. LOL! Caller ID, GPS, motion detection lights outside to thwart TPing - kids today have no chance at good, old fashioned fun.

    I dread the day when the girls start calling.

  5. I LOVE IT!

    I've had to warn my girls about prank calls (apparently this greatly offened my oldest who promptly explained to me that caller ID would get her.....sigh) = but I have to admit. Caller ID takes some of the fun out of being a teen!

  6. It is so funny. I used to send my son to the local public charter school and pulled him out because the behavior of the kids was atrocious. The complete and utter lack of discipline in the classroom was beyond anything I had ever heard of. And since I was in the classroom one morning a week every week, I had every occasion to know the truth. But the regularly public schooled kids in my neighborhood? Very nice kids, save for the one who goes to the charter school. Point being? I think it depends on the culture of the individual school.

  7. for fear of retribution all I can
    say is OUCH.....

    Thank God you don't live in an apartment! They might put a
    scarlet "A" on your back....

  8. HA! GOTCHA!

    brings back memories of my prank calls though i wasn't a catholic girl. but i was a private school gal in a plaid kilt...does that count for something?

  9. Ha! She who gets the last laugh... um.... has something... right? um... yeah! in your FACE catholic school girls! LOL! (no offense to catholics, school girls, or anyone else i may offend... :)

    that is too funny!

  10. Ha! Too funny! Now you can just innocently tell this story with a sweet smile on your face the next time you are around the people who love to bash the public school kids.

    i have to say, though, i had so much fun with those prank calls, even though i was a goody two shoes public school kid with catholic upbringing. how else could we find out who "liked" who and all the other important stuff.

    sure do feel old now!

  11. hello, just popped in at the suggestion of our mutual friend Lori M. I'm going to follow your blog.

    This is a great post.

    We seem to be living parallel lives. I too am a catholic school girl raising three children, two healthy boys and a girl with severe disabilities. I also have a blog. --check it out.

  12. ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously - good kids can be in public schools, and bad kids can be in catholic schools. Gotta love caller ID



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