Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Corner View Wednesday

This week's theme is The Great Outdoors. I live in Los Angeles, in the beautiful state of California. The weather here is sublime, almost all the time, and the colors technicolor. Really. I absolutely love that one can go to the beach, the mountains and the desert all in one day. Not a day goes by that I don't feel blessed to live in such a gorgeous climate. Because I've only just arrived back in LA after a business trip to Atlanta, GA, I'm late with my post and really only had the time to cull from my very large picture files. Here are some random shots of the great outdoors just minutes and at the most, two hours, from my backyard.

Here no words are necessary: the Hollywood hills:

And here's the reservoir in Hollywood, and don't tell anyone about this photo because evidently you're not allowed to take photos of the water supply...

And here's a delicious shot of Santa Monica:

with Malibu in the background and a typical site in the foreground:

some random flower shots that are just about everywhere all year round:

This might look pretty but it's actually the ominous light when there are fires burning somewhere nearby:

More random flowers:

And snow and mountains literally an hour or so away:


  1. How bizarre that you are not allowed to take photos of the water supply ! I had to laugh at the typical sight in the foreground ! We get that here too ...

  2. "typical sight in the foreground": giggle. L.A. is gorgeous-well outside of downtown that is.

    that fire-light does look beautiful, golden. i remember that my friend's pictures of being downtown for 9/11 looked beautiful in parts, like a snowstorm.

  3. You just brought back such fond memories! I miss that weather so much. Every time I see pictures I can just feel what it's like to be there.
    Thank You

  4. You are right: it is a blessing to live in such a varied and beautiful place. It's fun to see your pics of places and things you enjoy there. I heart Cali, too!

  5. It's quite amazing that all that outdoor variety be so close to your backyard.

  6. great post! you do live in a beautiful part of the country! thanks for sharing. hugs-jane

  7. So insanely, disgustingly, unabashadly jealous. im in jersey. need i say more?

    Its making me look forward to my trip to boulder in a few weeks. without kids. WITHOUT kids!!! Did I mention I'll be there sans kids???? Just a tad excited.

    Thanks for the eye candy :)

  8. Just back from a trip and allready posting a corner view. That´s commitment!
    And am I glad you did. So much to see and so much to do where you live.
    Thanks for taking the time to show us your corner!

  9. These are awesome photos!! The flowers are so beautiful, and the one with the fire glow in the background... stunning!

    Happy Weekend to you and your family!


  10. You do send me back to memories. I grew up in West L.A. I then moved to FL at age 20 and then Atlanta at age 22 and now it is more than 20 years later. Everyone says that Atlanta would be ideal if it had a beach. What struck me wonderful about Atlanta is that in one or two hours most you can be in secluded mountains and incredible waterfalls... .absolutely alone. No crowds. It is 4 hours to the beach and the Golden Islaes of Georgia on the Atlantic Coast (think John Kennedy's marriage) are quiet and beautiful. I was married here and my bridesmaids were all from West L.A. They thought the niceness of strangers was incredible. It was a long time since I had been back to L.A. with having 3 kids in 4 years but I went twice in 2005 for a reunion and wedding. Now my boys are dying to go so we will go back June 2010. My husband grew up in upstate NY and FL and we went to Santa Monica and then up to Monterey for our honeymoon and he loved that drive. He insulted some native L.A. people when he said he saw no trees. He had to be reminded that it used to be bean fields.



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