Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Corner View Wednesday, Los Angeles, CA

This is the coffee that my husband brought home the other day from his store. One of Bob Marley's sons is selling it. The Husband said that the son is middle-aged but bore a striking resemblance to Bob, hair and all. The coffee is very mellow, just as you'd imagine.

On the back of the bag, and you have to look really, really hard, is a print of a tiny little leaf. Guess what kind?

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  1. oh, how neat, elizabeth! i bet we could find that here, too. (bay area)

  2. Ha, ha.. oh I'm sure it was a clover leaf ;)

  3. Cool. One of my all time faves.


  4. Oh, if it's from one of Bob's descendants it's gotta be good!! You can NEVER go wrong with a Marley!! Gotta look for this!

    Happy Day!


  5. Marley coffee how fun!! Enjoy...

  6. fun post !! and thanks for the song ...

  7. Leaf?! I thought coffee came from beans:)

  8. I always like to try new coffee, I
    wonder if I find that one here, sounds good

  9. thanks for a coffee break;)

  10. what a nice thing for The Husband to bring home :)

    Loving coffee and the music to go with it - cheers!

  11. that's really cool. and clever i might add. "stir it up"....

  12. That's so cool! I gotta try that tea.
    It helps that I like Bob Marley.



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