Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 76

This is Day 76 of Summer Vacation 2009. Due to the fires and poor air quality, days 70-76 have been spent mostly inside. It's 11:00 in the morning and we're all still in our pajamas. I have to say that given the state of affairs, I've surrendered completely. I am doing absolutely nothing as a parent but providing meals and even those are haphazard. Henry and Oliver, to their credit, have been amusing themselves beautifully. This morning, they bandaged Oliver's "broken" leg and constructed this helicopter pad for their remote control AirHog helicopter. In the background, one can catch a glimpse of the Lego Eiffel Tower.

As for Sophie, she's roaming around her room, half-dressed as well. I feel a bit guilty that I'm not doing much with her, either. Yesterday, I got the call from our Regional Center that respite care will be cut drastically in thirty days unless I appeal. I'm going to appeal, but perhaps I'll take Senator Coburn's advice and go knocking on my neighbors' doors to get some help (here's another chance to read a brilliant blog post by a friend if you click on the senator's name).

I'm going to change into some clothes and perhaps take a shower.
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  1. We're doing the same (save for Abe who is in school) and don't have the excuse of the fires and air quality. On days like this I remind myself that all the studies show that kids need down time to create, be imaginative etc. Whatever, I am just out of ideas, tired of feeling guilty and just want to clean my desk.

    Hope things improve air and fire-wise and that you get that respite care back!!

  2. Let the children be. One of the problems I found with both tv and all the extra things that now seem normal to expect a child to do is that it leaves them such little time to create from inside, to tap that incredible source that their imagination provides and often takes second or third place to "instant creativity". Give a child a book and they would either read it or flap it open to make the roof of a house made of a shoe box. Their choice. Theirs. Isn't that a wonderful thought?

    If your neighbors don't answer the door just call Senator Coburn's office and ask if he could send some of his to give you a hand with Sophie. After all he has found the problem so he must have a solution by now. If it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny.

    Why are these people in a position of power when they lack the most elemental common sense?

  3. Yeah. I'm with Allegra. Call Coburn, ask him to come over for a few hours of helping you out and oh- maybe he could bring a nice caramel cake because THAT'S WHAT NEIGHBORS DO.
    (Grumble, grumble)
    You are keeping your children safe and fed. Some days that it all you can do. They will survive.

  4. You will be amazed an how people will want to help you. Some ideas for you are to put a pay pal on your blog and ask for donations. You could also auction off an item. Sorry you have to struggle like this. As a parent of a child with CHD I am always scared that the next illness is going to push us over our insurance cap.

  5. It's good to have days like this... we had a lot this summer.

    These comments are great... praying for a quick answer.

    Thanks for the fabulous house link you sent! You totally know my style! Love that A.T.

  6. likeschocolate -- it might be me, but putting a paypal button on my blog is repugnant to me. i just don't think people should have to resort to "the kindness of strangers." I get plenty of support and love and kindness from friends and family. I pay plenty of taxes for firemen, roads, police, education. I believe healthcare should be one of those services in a country as great and wealthy as ours.

  7. I'm loving the bed head :)
    You're in good company with the Andersen family's summertime routine :)



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