Friday, September 4, 2009

Freaking Freedom Out Friday

Dear Mr. President,

I'm so confused about why people don't want the President of the United States speaking to their children about staying in school and getting a good education. Are you going to come on the loudspeaker and pre-empt the lunch menu announcement or something? Anyway, I wish that my children could hear the President of the United States speak directly to them, but their school doesn't start until Wednesday.

Good luck with all the nutty folks who are scared that you're going to come over the system and implant socialist thoughts into their precious brains.



  1. Nutty? nutty? they are certifiable and one should pity those poor children growing in an environment that is not difficult to imagine. Socialism! that's it.

    The idea that if you stay in school and make something decent, honorable, hard working, share with others instead of taking advantages of them, if you speak in sentences and can spell any word with more than seven letters, you are....a socialist! one step removed from becoming...a communist!

    Of course we need to have our President going around to spread socialism in schools. Who else could do it? There aren't any books available, or history on the subject where those children could find any information if they were so inclined. Yeah, only the President of the United States can do it. That is why we elected him, wasn't it?

    I am so angry I could spit nails at the thought that a single parent in our country would be willing to deprive a child of the opportunity to have the President of her/his country live and in person to hear him, to ask questions, to experience the nature of a figure who is now and will be in their future part of our nation's history. And all because they are so dense that nothing could get through those damn prejudices of theirs. It is not fear of socialism that is fanning the winds of this stupidity, the proper name should be " badly disguised 'prejudiscim' " .

    Just think, a black, educated, well mannered and smart man could become president of the United States. What is the world coming to? And you want your child to emulate a black man? In this country? What is the world coming to?

    Arghhh....if ignorance could be paid by the gram those people would be filthy rich.

  2. This whole thing is really going too far. And when I say "this whole thing" I think what I mean is complete and utter insanity.
    In Florida they scrambled together an "opt out" thing for parents to sign if they don't want their children listening to the president. The president! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???!!!

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  4. I had no idea what you all were talking about so I found a newspaper article about it. Wow. Weird. The comments after the article were freakish! One person wrote that "liberalism is a disease of the's incurable" and so "liberals" should be euthanized..that it would go with a green policy to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. OMG.

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  6. clearly i live under a rock; the worms and grubs and i are torn between wanting to know what plans there are for/debate there is about the president speaking and not wanting to know what the plans are for/debate there is about the president speaking...

    wv= ingst

    which sounds an awful lot like 'angst' to me



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