Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Corner View - White

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Wallace Stevens is one of my favorite poets. He is difficult, but I find that just when I think I don't understand a thing, a chink falls out and I see light. Or WHITE. Here is one that, for me, carries significant meaning and memory.

In the Carolinas

The lilacs wither in the Carolinas.
Already the butterflies flutter above the cabins.
Already the new-born children interpret love
In the voices of mothers.

Timeless mothers,
How is it that your aspic nipples
For once vent honey?

The pine-tree sweetens my body,
The white iris beautifies me.

from Harmonium, 1923, 1931


  1. 'Timeless mothers,

    How is it that your aspic nipples

    For once vent honey?'

    That's a line to remember. What a way to celebrate motherhood!

    Greetings from London.

  2. Thank-you for all that gardenia whiteness, for those lilac mother words.

  3. the first picture is very cute.

  4. What beautiful images! I especially love the photo of your children at the beach.

  5. Beautiful Elizabeth. I especially love the picture of the kids.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. That is the cutest dog ever!! I love all your white... (the children are pretty beautiful, too!) Thank you for sharing.

  7. I would love to sink into one of those chairs right now!

  8. Oh, the shot of your kiddos is so beautiful! Actually they all are but especially that one!

    Happy CA Day!

  9. oh your white is lovely !! and your puppy is so cute ...

    love the one of the kids on the beach ! it's my favorite !

  10. A beautiful vision of white! xoxo

  11. This post was so much fun, I loved seeing through your eyes. You've got a gift of angles.

    The kids on the beach were lovely.

  12. wow
    your shots are really beautiful
    great corner view... thanks for sharing

    happy weekend

  13. I don't usually like white too much ..... but this week has changed my mind .......

    the aspic nipples venting honey makes me smile .... I had aspic only once. I was with my grandmother, visiting her sister and some of her cousins in connecticut - we had aspic for lunch. I was only 16. A young thing among all of these very grand and old ladies eating a very stately ladies lunch of aspic. A circle of timeless mothers.

  14. Poetic white beauty!
    Stunning pictures, a beautiful poem...perfect!
    Such a sweet picture of Sophie and the boys.
    Hope you are all well and wishing you a wonderful week, Jeannette

  15. love the saint (the statue) and that children. really beautiful. i'm heading over to your other blog now for a look around your recipes.



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