Monday, September 14, 2009

Taking a Break

I am leaving for St. Louis on Tuesday morning to attend a conference. I work part time as the Parent Co-Chair for a national organisation that is working on improving access and the quality of healthcare for children, particularly those with special needs.

All the sturm und drang of the last couple of days has taken any reserves that I possessed and chunked them out the window. The pen is mightier than the sword but actions speak louder than words. I'm looking forward to clean hotel sheets and a big bed that I'll sleep in by myself. And then I'll get up and start working on what's really important.

Don't go away.


  1. hope the conference is good- remember you are doing awesome work- that you are one of the people that have inspired me to do good work :)

    (I asked sylvia to get your autograph on your book)- hope she remembers :)

  2. You are my hero. Enjoy the clean sheets.

  3. Oh we'll be waiting, of that you can be sure. Have a great time and get some rest.

  4. blessings on your trip AND on the journey

  5. I'll be right here when you return, waiting to hear what you saw/heard/learned/said/did. I hope you have a wonderful time!



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