Thursday, September 24, 2009

Laughter and the Proverbial Fan

The Husband continues to have some medical issues that will hopefully be resolved when he visits a neurologist on Monday (although visits to a neurologist for this family haven't turned up much, frankly). Let's hope more shit doesn't hit the fan.

Some of you have expressed that you're worried about me -- rightly so, I suppose. I know that I've dropped cryptic words and phrases here and there, and those of you who are on a similar journey probably know the signs. I'm working on it, is all I have to say. I went to another yoga class today (two times already in one week!) and felt enormous release, so that's good. Sophie did have an ugly big seizure in the car tonight, on the way to In 'N Out, and Henry had to climb into the back seat while I was driving and help to support her head because Oliver couldn't. But that started a fairly decent and open conversation with the two of them while Sophie slept, post-ictal, and I think they got some of their fears and worries voiced.

I just drove and pretended to be in control and was apparently successful because eventually we were talking about Halloween costumes and what they wanted for Christmas this year. Thank God for that.

And now the laughter: check out my new favorite blog by a woman who cares for her disabled son. Today's post made me laugh so hard that my troubles disappeared. I'm grateful for that! Click here for some dark, dark humor, served up just the way I like it.


  1. That was a nice bit of dark humor. Thanks for the link. And Thanks, especially for your wonderful blog.

  2. I'm rooting for your entire family. This is not easy stuff.

  3. I read your latest piece in "Hopeful Parents" and then sent it just about everyone I know saying, "THIS. THISTHISTHIS." Aaaand then I thought of all the times I've gone on YOUR OWN blog and commented about how pretty your daughter is, or how things will get better soon when really you're going through hell and just need someone to acknowledge it. So..I owe you an apology for that. And it absolutely sucks that Sophie is like this, and that your boys have to witness it and that you're left trying to hold everyone and everything together. I'm sorry.

    Please keep writing.

  4. Oh Elizabeth, what to say.

    You are an incredible mother and all three of your children couldn't have a better mother.

    I love you.

    Renee xoxo

  5. Thanks for writing this.

    And I've been doing more yoga the past month and a half or so, and it's amazing the difference. Good to hear you're doing it.

  6. Damn.

    Hoping for better days for all of you.

    Thanks for the new blog link. Amazing.

  7. I don't have anything useful to say really
    I'm a stranger to your diving pool
    so - just - ((hug))
    thank you for your friends link

  8. Julia - No need to apologize! I've always welcomed and LOVED your comments and support. You're "one of us!"

  9. Every time I hear about one of your daughter's big seizures I am re-amazed at the strength of women, mothers- you.

  10. I loved that link, Elizabeth, thank you!

    I'm glad the big ugly seizure led to a conversation your boys needed and wanted to have. I swear I can see you driving with Sophie asleep and the boys sharing. You look calm but are still recovering.

    Keep going to yoga. It's obviously so good, and if you keep saying that it might get my butt off the couch and into a downward dog...or maybe to a class!

  11. You come to my mind often when I'm away from this giant screen in front of my face... I say a prayer and send it your way...



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