Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not Mello

One of the benefits of living in this crazy town is sights like this, seen today in Beverly Hills by my friend D and I. I guess you could say it's a mixed benefit because really what makes one more sick than a bright yellow Rolls Royce? We had just gone to the movie "District 9" that I HATED. On the way out of the women's bathroom after the movie, I practically ran into a guy who was holding two American Girl dolls in his arms, clearly waiting for his daughter who was inside. I made eye contact because he looked so goofy, holding the dolls and then I simultaneously realized that it was Marky Mark, Mark Wahlberg.

Only in LA. (But the skies are oh so blue and the fires appear to be contained for now and the light is just golden in a transparent way).


  1. Wish I had been there, too! Thanks a million for the images it makes in my mind. "Marky Mark" from "The Departed," holding American Girl dolls. Enough said.

  2. When I visited LA once I was just overwhelmed at the familiarity of it. So many movies have been shot there. And yet, I saw no celebrities. But the whole time I was expecting to and everyone I saw was so much cooler than I was, so much more awesome and self-assured and way better dressed. I came home and wrote a new chapter for my book.

  3. i wish i could come for a LA afternoon!

  4. I am sorry but that yellow Rolls is so...vulgar. Not only it is its complete deference towards "what environment? we don't need no stinking environment?" attitude, but my god the color! in your face and I don't care shade make me think of the self involved to an extreme that is not only pitiful but damaging to the rest. Off the soap box.

    I used to work often in LA and I never got the sense of it. If there is one. Had breakfast with Paul McCartney only because he sat about two tables away from me, he smiled and I smiled back and we said something like how are the eggs or some such. One and only encounter and happy it was him. That was nearly 30 years ago. And then there was this gimongous Cadillac with a pair of what appeared to be real horns attached to the grill in front, longer than hope of the poor as they say in Spain, all white with gold stars around the license plate and around the handles.

    I just knew I could never fit in a place like that. In those days I drove a little Peugeot and it wasn't screaming yellow either.

  5. WOW
    only in LA!!
    if you met george clooney someday, please, let me know!!
    oh, those fried things are onion rings and cheese balls!!

    happy week!!

  6. that's funny :)

    I once saw Beau Bridges walking down the street in Laguna Beach .... it was no big deal .... such a land of The Beautiful People .... it's weird



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