Friday, September 4, 2009

Since the Country's Clearly Gone Mad

I think that I'll relate our lunchtime conversation today. The Players are:

Henry: Age 11
Oliver: Age 8
Me: Age 46
Sophie: Age 14

Henry: Do you think I'll be alive when the world ends?

Me: Why do you ask?

Oliver: Scientists say the world is ending in 2012.

Henry: That's three years.

Me: I don't think scientists say that.

Both: Yeah, they do. There's a movie about it.

Me: Nah. People are always saying the world is going to end. Always have.


Henry: Oliver will one day fart so loudly, the world will end.

Oliver: Yeah. An atomic fart.

All: (dissolve into uproarious laughter, showing peanut butter and pretzel teeth)

Clearly, my children would BENEFIT from a message from their President.


  1. I told you enough times already I want to bring them all here.
    I am not a president of anything anymore but boy could I make them some mean pb&j and I will open the windows when necessary.

    I simply adore your imps!

  2. Sounds like a conversation at my table...minus the "conversation" piece. And yes, all kids would benefit from that sort of speech and the discussion that would follow, but alas, it won't happen for some...

  3. i wish you could hear me laughing! i swear kids are the same all over the world! have a great weekend!

  4. Best laugh of the day. Thank you!! And though our school doesn't start until Wednesday, we'll be watching the President on Tuesday. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

  5. I think Robert Frost has a poem about the world ending in farts. Either that or ice. We are very fond of fart jokes in my house as well.

  6. an atomic fart is the name of my new band!

  7. The joys of raising boys! Right now mine are discussing sticking fingers in their noses.

  8. This is hilarious, because it's so normal. Because someone sitting near me may do this (the atomic fart) before your son does. Tell him the potential is everywhere, and it hasn't blown the world up yet! Thank you for sharing.



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