Saturday, October 1, 2011

Delayed Reaction

This is Henry, aged thirteen, at 9:00 on a Saturday morning. A voracious reader, he came of age in the Harry Potter days, but he hated fantasy books and spurned what the rest of world devoured. While I enjoyed the first one, and Oliver knew the first as it was read aloud in class, our family might have been one of the only ones in the universe that hadn't seen any of the movies or read the entire oeuvre (because oeuvre is the proper word for the Potter franchise, isn't it?)

One of the requirements of an elective at school this year is to read the first Harry Potter book, and that's what he did, three weeks ago.

He's now on Book V and only grudgingly admits that they're good, setting himself the challenge to read all seven by November.


  1. We are Harry Potter fanatic's here. Books and movies. Jessica's boyfriend, at 25, has never read one. Just didn't like to confrom to what others were doing ... he is now on book 3 I think. He finally caved.

    Your previous post, well, just wanted to send you love and tell you what a beautiful mom you are and then, there is that Oliver again, making me love him all the more.

  2. I've only read the ones I've read out loud to Jessie. Maybe three of them?
    When Oliver is a bit older, give him The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub. Or hell, maybe he's ready now.
    After he's done with Harry, that is.

  3. He needs to meet David, who devoured the books, one by one, recommends them, and (I think) re-reads them each year, or every other year, still.
    I tried reading the first book, and had the same response as Henry's initial one. Watched all of the movies, because the kids were passionate about them.

  4. I'm with Henry! I don't like fantasy. I also don't like science fiction. I do have all seven of the Potter books and, to not be the only one (except you, of course) who hasn't read them, vowed to read them all if I ever became snowed in for a few weeks. So far I've been spared.


  5. Henry is like my daughter, who discovered Harry Potter at age 15 on summer day when she was bored. She went on the devour the whole series by Thanksgiving. That picture of Henry looks like our daughter looked most weekends until she was finished all seven books.

    She had tried the read the books before, but perhaps she was just too young at the time. In any case, I think she could go on to become the world's foremost Harry Potter scholar, so passionate is she now. The rest of us, we loved Harry from the start.

  6. I think the Harry Potter books are fantastic not only in their own right but also in that they get some kids - who might be otherwise reluctant to pick up a book - start reading with gusto. That has to be valuable. good to see that Henry's one of them.

  7. Read them all...twice! Wonderful reading. The movies, I dislike.

  8. Then there IS hope for Ethan! I read him the first book out loud when he was 6 or 7 but half way through the 2nd it got too scary (Basilisks, you know) and we stopped cold.

    All of his friends are reading or have read them, but he;s sticking to his guns that he "doesn't like" Harry Potter.

    On the plus side, He LOVED the Lloyd Alexander Prydain series that I had loved as a child, so I haven't given up. I am also looking forward to him being ready for the Golden Compass and Tolkien.

  9. I am so happy to hear this ! I hope he finds finishing them by November less a challenge than a pleasure.

  10. Oh, and I didn't mean previous post I meant the latest post.

    I am such so,so exhausted.



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