Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Reverie

Up early with the light to make frosting and decorate cakes, I see that the Earth has tilted just so on its axis and the light streaming into the windows, this second day of October, washes over the table in a slightly different way than it did yesterday. I blink and it tilts again; I close my eyes and think of Lueza, the seventeenth year of her birth, her smile in my mind's eye, the tilt of her head, and I am spinning with her memory, different than yesterday.


  1. I think that as the changes so dramatically, it opens up a part of the mind where we store all of the things which happened this time of year and for some reason, that is a lot of things for most of us.
    Many tug at us and it is confusing, trying to untangle where all of the emotion comes from.
    That's what I'm thinking today, anyway, in this fall light.
    Bless Lueza's memory in your heart. I know you do.

  2. The way that all works--the way our senses take us places when we are open to the journey--I believe these are the portals to lost loved ones, lost moments, the portals to places in ourselves that are beyond ourselves.

  3. Beautiful thoughts... (drooled over your dolce de leche cake)



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