Monday, October 31, 2011

Domestic quotes and my favorite Charlie Brown line

Someone needs to change Oliver's sheets. It smells like a cat died under there.
Hmmmm -- I wonder who that "someone" is.

Don't put that grape in her mouth. She looks like she's about to have a seizure.

Will you please remove the pile of shoes from the middle of the floor? And pick up your lunchbox from under the table.

Who spit all these pumpkin seed shells on the floor and under the bed?

Why isn't Halloween a national holiday? Easter is.

Has this dog not been fed, yet?

Go pop your head in and check on Sophie.

Is someone going to do our laundry?
Hmmmm--I wonder who that "someone" is.

You need to start wearing cooler shoes, Mom. These are just - uh -- lame.
I wear Birkenstock sandals all summer and then move into the Birkenstock clogs in fall.

Where did all the candy corn go?

I got a rock.


  1. Yep. Sounds like fun to me. When you locate "someone" send them over to see me, okay? because someone needs to get shit done around here too.

  2. I get really tired of being someone.

  3. Sound so familiar and strangely profound. Mother-love and the domestic sphere a place of powerful injunctions, but who listens?

  4. I love the random comments. They can be a real hoot, taken out of context. "Someone" needs to empty the wastebasket in our loft (the one that David filled to overflowing with I-don't-know-what).
    "Someone" spent a couple of hours washing and ironing clothes today. Maybe if we sing "Someone" the way the word "Somewhere" is sung in West Side Story, it will have more power. ;)

  5. Tell them to lay off your shoes! Comfortable is way less lame than fashionable. Especially when you're "someone."



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