Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm not sure how to get anything done around here

when there are episodes to watch of Breaking Bad 


phrases like this to read via The Dishwasher's Tears:

"But life, man, it fucking asserts itself."

I can assert that baking cupcakes, re-learning the table of elements with your fifth grader, dropping off your teenager at a ballpark, not able to watch him play the game, making sure your dog is getting his bloody poop medicine and peeling your sixteen year old off the floor after a seizure is life asserting itself and quite possibly getting the upper hand.


  1. I requested the first two seasons of Breaking Bad from the library. And the The Dishwasher's Tears is now bookmarked in my People Who Can Really Fuck'n Write blog list.

    That's getting something done, right?

  2. I often find that getting things done is overrated.

  3. Or baseball. And many medical appointments. And too much work-for-pay. And discussions about whole gene sequencing.

    Life. Which version am I on now? 4.2?

  4. Having no tv I had no idea what Breaking Bad is so I had to look it up. I do know about ball games, seizures and canine bloody poo, however. My therapy lately has been canning. We did 12 jars of Strawberry Margarita jam Friday and I did five of salsa and then 12 more of pineapple jam. Pineapple jam being a total fail but I keep opening it and putting it on ice cream. It would go well with cupcakes too.

  5. my brother just mentioned that show to me the other day. and re-learning the table of elements is enough to make me feel faint, let alone the other stuff. i leave you with a calvin quote to cheer you (and it seemed apropos):

    "Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words."

  6. Wasn't the Season 4 Finale on Sunday night?

    I am only halfway through Season 2 right now, and it is a GREAT show.

    You ever watch The Walking Dead on AMC? Gory as hell, but great. That starts in a week or two with its second season.

  7. Not only life, but love asserting itself. My friend made a note for me years ago, and I saw it anew this morning: "Work is love made visible" (Gibran). Your life's work is your love, made visible, and you live and love so fully, Elizabeth, no matter what you are doing.

  8. Um yes, I imagine that pretty much describes life asserting itself in a nutshell. Just keep on carrying on carrying on as my mum would say.

  9. Oh no Elizabeth... you definitely have the upper just may not feel like it some days! love the line.. thanks for sharing1

  10. What would we do without Tearful?
    And you.

  11. just catching up with you. i am obsessed with Breaking Bad - deep into season three... not the fair New Mexico of my youth, but what a ride. miss you friend. see you soon, I hope.xo

  12. Thank you for sharing's brlliant and tuly resonates with us lately.



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